Urea price is rising, Ammonium chloride has to turn a few turns

Recently, under the support of such factors as label printing, demand procurement, and local raw material natural gas speculation, the price of urea has not been flattened, and the price has even risen continuously in many regions, with individual increases reaching US$14/ton. The mainstream ex-factory price of

urea in Hebei Province is currently around US$257-270/ton. The transaction is negotiable. Due to the limited production in Shanxi Province, the supply of small granular urea is tight. The mainstream ex-factory price is about US$255/ton. The urea in the southwest has the largest increase. , Such as a factory has risen to 260 US dollars / ton.

In the off-season of the agricultural market, the overall demand is limited. Large traders are still cautious in purchasing urea. However, as the operating rate of industrial compound fertilizer companies continues to rise, the purchase of raw materials has increased, and the overall operation of the plywood plant is acceptable. The industry is cautiously optimistic about the hind legs of raising the price of urea. It is believed that with the support of printed labels and raw materials, there is still room for a slight increase in prices. The overall market can be described as beautiful and delicious. At the same time, ammonium chloride has also paid more attention to urea. At present, the ammonium chloride market has improved slightly. First, the price is relatively stable, and the low price in individual areas has risen by 2 US dollars/ton. Second, the downstream inquiries have increased slightly. Under the boost of urea, if ammonium chloride How many turns will it take to increase the price, or to say the general increase?

The ammonium chloride market is relatively stable, and the pessimism in the industry has also changed to a certain extent. Production companies are operating at a higher level, but the downstream market is cautious and wait-and-see resulting in slow delivery. It is also believed that the price of ammonium chloride has not yet reached its psychological expectations and the enthusiasm for purchasing is low. As a result, it is difficult to relieve the inventory pressure of manufacturers. However, partially supported by cost and demand, the price of ammonium chloride has strong reasons. If the price is to increase, the market will at least improve, but the supply and demand must be paid attention to variety.

First of all, the start-up of Hou’s enterprises is as high as 70%, and it is on the rise. First, since the second half of the year, soda ash has risen sharply and rapidly. Downstream demand has been saturated one after another. Coupled with resistance to high prices, the volume of new orders has decreased, local soda ash prices have shown weakness, and prices have also fallen. But after all, soda ash is the main product. For products, the focus of Hou Soda enterprises is still on soda ash, so the start-up will continue to operate at a high level. However, at the same time, the price of ammonium chloride is already at a low level. Due to cost considerations, the price of ammonium chloride will increase Relatively strong, a certain positive support; second, a few large ammonium chloride plants in Jiangsu, Hubei and Sichuan are under-started, but they are gradually recovering and upgrading, and it is expected that the output and supply will increase at the end of the month and the beginning of the month.

Secondly, the demand follow-up progress is slow. At present, the overall industry operating rate of compound fertilizer companies is as low as only about 44.35%, and the prices of various raw materials have been raised, but their winter storage policies have not been smoothly introduced, and the delivery situation is not optimistic. Some compound fertilizer companies are not very enthusiastic about production. , Especially for small and medium-sized compound fertilizer companies; now, most of the large traders use and purchase ammonium chloride. Small and medium-sized traders hold relatively pessimistic expectations on ammonium chloride, and they are cautious and wait and see, and the procurement progress is slow; some extruded granular ammonium chloride companies have relatively low start-ups , The purchase of raw material ammonium chloride is relatively limited.

Once again, although the ammonium chloride market is more bearish, it is still supported or expected by favorable factors. The first is the support of urea, which is rising in price. For some compound fertilizer companies with greater cost pressure, they will choose low-priced ammonium chloride instead of urea as raw materials; second, in terms of raw materials, they have to mention the raw material natural gas in the southwest market. Supply and price issues will increase the cost of some ammonium chloride companies at that time. The third is the expectation of the Northeast winter storage market. The arrival of ammonium chloride in Northeast China is now relatively limited. The winter storage market will start gradually, and the delivery volume will be Increased supply pressure in other markets will improve to a certain extent.

On the whole, with a certain degree of support from urea and boosted by improved local demand, local ammonium chloride prices have room for a small increase in the short term. However, due to the low season of domestic market demand, downstream operations are operating at a low level, and traders’ Be cautious and wait and see. It is expected that the overall market will remain stable, with some minor movements. If you want to know more about the analysis and market data of this website, please call the consultation hotline +008615930201121.

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