Hebei Zhongcang Fertilizer Co., Ltd Focus on soil restoration Leader in ecological agriculture, fertilizer manufacturing enterprise and integrating Scientific Research, Production, Sales and Socialized Agricultural Technology services.Our company founded in 2010, we expands related industries on the basis of fertilizer production, builds a sound form of ecological agriculture industrial chain, and actively drives more than 6,000 surrounding farmers to get rich and achieve a well-off life together.The company has established an independent research and development center, centering on improving the growing environment of crops, repairing soil structure, and comprehensively balancing soil nutrition, through actively carried out exploration and research, we have acquire more than 10 patent technical achievements.As it has achieved outstanding results and was awarded A grade of industrial enterprise research and development organization in Hebei province.

Company has developed “ZhongCang” ,”DingTa” “DiDeLe” as the leading brand of fertilizer series, including Soil testing formula blending bb nitrogen fertilizer, Squeezing large particles, a variety of Organic inorganic humic acid seaweed fertilizer, Bio-bacterial manure water soluble fertilizer, Organic fertilizer, a large number of Elements and the new plant source special liquid fertilizer, Organic inorganic compound fertilizer, Mixing fertilizer, Extrusion nitrogen fertilizer, Liquid fertilizer.
The company took the lead in the first batch of enterprises incorporated into Dingzhou city, and successfully passed ISO9001:2015 Quality management system certification, has been named the national high-tech enterprises, famous brand enterprise in Hebei province, Hebei famous brand product, innovative enterprises, small and medium enterprise in Hebei province, Hebei province high quality products, small and medium-sized enterprises with famous brand products in Hebei province, Hebei truthfully enterprise, little giant enterprise of science and technology, agricultural science and technology and little giant enterprise, the workers province pioneer, “specialization and new” in Hebei province enterprises, agriculture industrialization key leading enterprise,Dingzhou advanced basic-level party organization, outstanding party branch and other honorary titles.The company insists that science and technology is the primary productive force and actively carries out exploration and research.

It has established long-term cooperative relations with China Agricultural University, Hebei Agricultural University and Hebei Academy of Sciences, and it is the scientific and technological achievement transformation base of the institute of biology in Hebei Academy of Sciences.The Company staff actively strengthen international technical exchanges, estabilshed long-term cooperation with a number of agriculture experts such as Italy, Israel, actively promote the product development and promotion in the biological organic fertilizer and Integration of water and fertilizer, will strive for more, newer, more top science and technology, applied to the actual production, to the enterprise, the consumer, the ecological environment, inject new momentum, actively lead the ecological agriculture development.